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The top hairstyles are forever changing. This is because hairstyles change in parallel with fashion and makeup trends. The chunky highlights of the 90s, the permed hair of the 80s and the bold free-flowing bangs of the 70s are some styles we cannot forget, although there are some we might rather forget too. But for your delight, we are highlighting some of the most prominent hairstyles of 2020, which are sure to carry over into 2021.

So what are TCS’ top hair styles? 

  1. Curtain Bangs

If not the number 1 trend of 2020, it sure fell close. At TCS alone we noticed an influx of clients requesting the famous, low-maintenance style that so many celebrities are rocking. The joy with this style is it’s not a big commitment, if you decide you don’t like the style on yourself it won’t take long to grow out and be blended into your hair as a long layer. For a 70s, shaggy/ chic vibe, request a curtain bang at your next appointment!

  1. The Pixie Cut

We’re not sure if this one has had a resurrection due to at-home DIY cuts going wrong during Covid, however, we are not mad either way. The pixie cut is the ultimate bad-ass, low maintenance cut. The joy of the pixie cut is there are so many variations to really make it your own. 

  1. Modern Shag

This takes us back to the curtain bangs. These two styles work really well together. The modern shag is all about those layers, and 70s vibes. It’s a gentle, feminine nod to a mullet. However, can be adapted in a multitude of different ways. Miley Cyrus really lent into the rock and roll mullet style, but don’t be discouraged, this style can be adapted into a much softer layered look, such as Selena Gomez.

  1. The Buzz Cut

This one we HAVE to put down to the pandemic DIY haircuts. However, we can’t knock the style for the most powerful, liberating hairstyle to come out of 2020. The buzz cut is all about being low maintenance (and sometimes it’s a must for over-processed hair). Sometimes it’s best just to start fresh with a clean slate, so to speak.

It doesn’t have to be boring though, check out these coloured buzz cuts below for some inspiration. Our favourite is a platinum buzz, it looks killer on any skin tone! 

  1. The 90s ‘Jennifer Anniston’

The below-chin layers are seeing a resurgence this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. Think Jen Anniston in ‘Friends’ with her straight hanging layered hair. The absolute queen of this style would have to be Hailey Bieber, she embodies everything 90’s, so it seems fitting for her to own this style. This look works particularly well with the blonde money pieces at the front, which we will talk about next!

Image: Hollywood Life

  1. Money Pieces

We couldn’t make a 2020 hot styles list without mentioning the famous money-pieces. This style has been extremely popular, particularly with Gen-Z this year! It involves colouring the front pieces of your hair to a brighter blonde in a balayage, or simply only applying colour to those front pieces as a statement. You can go as out there, or as tame as you like with this trend which we think makes it a crowd favourite. The 90s are back! 

Is there a particular celeb style you loved in 2020? Bring your inspiration pics with you into the Salon we would love to recreate any of your favourite styles! Would you try any of these looks? Tell us down below. 

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