Quality Hair Care vs Supermarket Hair Care

I am sure you’ve heard your stylist suggest firmly, at every appointment, about the salon haircare you should be using to maintain your style. You wouldn’t be the only customer to wonder if the suggestions are always absolutely necessary. Well, we’re here to tell you what the difference is, and why it is, in fact, a necessity to achieve your desired style and maintain it!

PH Balance

One key difference between Salon Shampoo and Conditioner is the PH balance. This ensures that a gentler cleansing of the hair is achieved whilst still locking the moisture into the hair follicle. Retaining your skin’s normal PH balance will ensure your scalp and hair remains healthy and shiny.

With supermarket shampoo and conditioners you will find they can be a little more alkaline, which is not PH balanced. This can result in your scalp’s natural acid mantle being stripped away, allowing bacteria to build up and inflammation to occur. 

Active Ingredients

Another positive of salon-grade hair care products, is they have a higher concentration of active ingredients (which in turn, can cost a little more than a product with no benefits). A good way to think of this is like skincare for your hair. You pay more for quality ingredients in skincare, as you know they are going to make a difference to your overall skin health and appearance. Well, the same can be applied to your hair! Even though you may spend a little more on concentrated products initially, you will find less product is required, meaning you save money in the long run. 

Red Flags

The biggest red-flag, and extremely common problem we see with cheap products is ‘build-up’. This is when the silicone forms a hard layering over the hair and can become unsightly and flakey. We can physically see this build up on your hair, and have seen it result in a lot of scalp conditions and allergic reactions.

A very popular store-bought hair care brand is currently undergoing a class-action for this very reason! They were using unnecessary preservatives that can cause hair loss and scalp irritation, eek. Not to mention the other products listed on their ingredients list that are carcinogenic, when there are natural alternatives that can be easily used in their place.

In our opinion, there couldn’t be a wider chasm between Salon and store-bought. In the long run, you save money using quality hair care products, as they require you to use smaller doses and provide beautiful, healthy hair year-round. There is a reason we are seeing class actions come out now for some of these leading supermarket brands, and there is sure to be more in the future.

Really, just taking a deep dive into the ingredients lists, was all the convincing needed for us. We also know that everyone is different, and their hair has different needs and reactions.

So come into the salon and speak to the experts about the best hair care system for your individual needs. 

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